About Us


We are residents in the Baltimore/Washington DC area working together to improve the quality of care in our hospitals.

Innovation & Engineering

QIPS Council has been formed to provide resident leaders opportunities for new strategies and tools to improve the quality of care for their patients.

Our overall objective is to create a House Staff Council at each of our respective health care institutions, to report adverse events and create system changes to prevent them. We will design system and quality improvement projects that can be shared across institutions and aim to achieve best practices.

Education & Fellowship

We will seek education in using the appropriate tools needed to target quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. Additional skills learned will be in
medical writing, publishing, and research.

The group will meet quarterly and assess the progress on our objectives, define support needs for fellowship and educational opportunities. Meetings will be held every six weeks via on-line Google groups and every quarter with in-person meetings. Attendance to at
least half of the meetings in the year is mandatory.

Accountability & Outcomes

The QIPS Council will work together to instill change at our institutions and report quality outcome measures and process innovations. We will publish a resident newsletter that highlights House Staff Safety Council resident reporting and system improvement achievements.

Baltimore/Washington DC Area

We welcome any residents in and around the area from any institution and within any specialty.

We are always open to partnering with other resident councils in the New York area and other states.

Our team