Jordan Margo, MD is currently an ophthalmology resident at the University of Maryland who also received her medical degree at the University of Maryland. She completed her medical internship at MedStar Harbor Hospital where she was given the opportunity to spend a month participating in a quality and safety elective ending with attendance at the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp in Telluride, CO.

After returning from Telluride inspired, with a renewed focus on quality and safety she helped form the QIPS regional group with a handful of Telluride alumni who were also completing residencies at MedStar affiliated programs. By meeting quarterly the group hoped to stay inspired by their experience at Telluride, share the knowledge they gained and recruit other local residents with a passion for quality and safety to create change within their home institutions.

Jordan is currently chair and founder of the University of Maryland QIPS house staff council. Within her department she is involved in multiple quality improvement projects including creation of a surgical dashboard to track complications, operating room efficiency and patient satisfaction and working to improve the efficiency of rescheduling surgeries. She also has implemented a way to easily track and measure all resident cataract surgery outcomes and outcomes for various laser procedures performed by residents.

After residency she hopes to continue her work in quality and safety either in a general ophthalmology practice or following fellowship training.