Wine and Wisdom: Workplace Violence in Healthcare

Please join us for our Wine and Wisdom Event on May 2nd at The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center at Georgetown University!

Workplace violence is widespread in healthcare, with up to 95 percent of emergency room nurses experiencing at least one violent incident in their career. While violence does happen, and at a much higher rate than other industries, it is not part of the job. Everyone deserves to feel safe when they come to work. Solving workplace violence in healthcare will require coordinate effort, training, and care for our caregivers.

About the MedStar Institute for Innovation:

The mission of MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) is to catalyze innovation that advances health by thinking differently. MI2 encompasses the National Center for Human Factors in Health, the MedStar Simulation and Training Lab (SiTEL), and the Influence Center. The QIPS Council has partnered with human factors, simulation, and influence specialists to design a unique and interactive workplace violence simulation event with standardized patients.

Join us to learn how to recognize verbal escalation, tips for de-escalation, and discuss what to do after a violent incident occurs.

We hope to see you there!


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